The SOC Church Family

Fast for unity

To die from self and live unto God;
To grow and mature spiritually; and
To increase the ministry, by God adding the people he desires to this ministry.


Each Tuesday-Wednesday starting at 12:00 am – midnight on Tuesday to 12:00pm – noon on Wednesday.
Throughout your fast, please read three separate times
Matthew 9: 35-38
​​Dear Guest,

Thank you for visiting The Spirit of Christ Church, Inc. Our prayer is that you receive an immediate word today that will propel you to a closer relationship with God and carry you through out the week.

We invite you to attend our weekly Bible Class for a deeper study into the word of God. Please consider returning to fellowship with the SOC family again in the near future...we would love seeing you again!

​We Are Better Together,
​Bishop Paul K. Glenn
​Senior Pastor Marsene Glenn 

Pastors Corner


What book of the bible is this passage of scripture in?

​pray continually?




​J​oke ​​of ​​the ​​Week!

What kind of ‘tude is appropriate at the family dinner?